IMPORTANT: We still have many visitors, so I won't remove this site. However, it is not updated anymore, so do not expect it to be up to date.
If you are interested in D'ni language, take a look at these sites:
- - this Homepage includes new lessons!
 - Lessons (download/online) 
 - Word List in English, German or French - New Standard
 - New Online database
 - The javascript online translator 
 - Read Notes

New for download:  D'ni Conversion tool - to convert between the standards
Additional sections
 - Transcription Standard
 - Writing the letters
 - System of the letters
 - Connection of letters and numbers
 - D'ni Phonetics
 - Atrus's prayer from the Myst 96 calendar
 - D'ni Script 2.2 - Download new!
 - Unsolved Texts
 - German version 
 - French version 

 - D'nictionary (English-D'ni)
 - Dictionary with full list of sources
 - 'Official' D'ni font
 - Cyan language section