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The idea of the Lessons collection

With the help of this page you can learn D'ni like any other foreign language at school.
The site is structured like a line of 7 lessons with increasing difficulty levels.
  lesson 1 First letters and some words.
  lesson 2 Basic grammar and simple sentences.
  lesson 3 More letters and more words.
  lesson 4 Advanced grammar and real sentences.
  lesson 5 Last letters.
  lesson 6  Difficult grammar and sentences.
  lesson 7  Summary

This all is of course not that much. Remember, the Linguists are far from knowing everything...

You will not learn all known words by doing the lessons. They are based only on a minimum of words
that are mainly used in examples. To be up-to-date, check out the word list.

Go to the lesson index online...

Download and Installation

The 7 lessons are HTML files, and they are together with the used images compressed to a
66 kB ZIP file (PKZIP needed). As soon as you have the file on your hard disk, unzip it into
a folder. You can then navigate through the lessons offline.

Download lessons (66 kB ZIP file)...

Feel free to send your problems & questions:
The Guild Masters, Josef & Simon

Christmas 1998