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Atrus's Prayer - The D'ni page from the 1996 Myst calendar

The source
This text was released within the Myst calendar 1996, published by Cyan. It can be considered an official source, but we have to be aware that at this time the D'ni language was probably very much under development. Some points of the text look like mistakes, at least from our recent point of view, based on newer publications. Thanks to Karen Bahnsen who scanned the page and put it online, you can see it here:

The original text
The original text can be found at Karen's page, see above. Here is the transliteration:

 ih|v|o 1
 .k|o|d|o|ts|ih|kh|ch|o|r 2
 f|eh|n|ih|g|eh|kh|ch|i|o|n 3
 k|o|d|o|k|ih|kh|r|ih|d  k|ih|n  l|o|r|ih|g 4
 k|eh|kh|eh|kh  b|'|k|eh|kh  sh|ah|kh  b|' ~ b|ay|ts 5
 b|'|ch|o|ch|i  r|ih|kh|ih|l  y|o  n|ih|r|kh  ~ 6
 ch|ih|v|o|n  .d|o|p|r|ih|a|ah|z|eh|kh 7
 b|'|z|oo  dh|o  n|u|ts|o|kh  b|'|ch|ay|r|oo|sh 8
 l|eh|n|ih|r|kh|eh|n  n|eh|ch  n|ah|sh|o  y|ih|v 9
 ch|eh  .g|ih|th  ch|'|dh|o  k|eh|kh|eh|kh  ~ 10
 dh|o|z|o|kh|eh|sh  ch|ay|r|oo  ch|'|b|ih|sh|i 11
 v|ih|ch  ~  ts|ih|g|eh|n  g|ih|th 12
 b|'|ch|ay|g|ih|kh  ts|eh|z|oo  .p|ih|r|ts 13
 b|'|sh|eh|n  .k|ih|n  sh|ah|kh  b|ih|r|ch|ih 14
 ch|'|g|eh|s|ch|oy  r|ah|l|kh|ih|r  b|'|f|ih|s|i 15
 d|o|n|ih|dh|o  ch|'|p|ih|r|ih|th|o|n 16
 g|ih|h|oo|y|ay|th|o|n  .v|o|ch|ih|r 17
 ih|'|sh|eh|n  ts|eh|k|ih|n|r|o|v  k|eh|kh|eh|n 18
 .g|a|e|v  ih|'|sh|eh|n  ts|eh|k|ih|n 19
 l|'ih|r|ch|ih|eh|n  g|ih  k|ih|n  b|o|ih|r 20
 ch|ih|eh|n 21
              .k|eh|kh  a|eh|v|eh|ch  oy|kh 22
 n|o|r|'|o|ts|'|n|o|r  k|o|k|eh|kh|eh|kh 23
 r|eh|n|eh|s|f|eh|ch  b|'|v|ay|kh|u 24
 ch|'|ts|oy|ch|ih|g  z|u  y|o|sh|eh|n 25
 g|'|b|o|r|ch|ih|o|n 26

Some annotations.
The text suffers from some major and minor faults. There are reasons to think that some letters should be switched.
Here are my doubts/points of criticism (not about the creators of the text, but about it's value in examining the language. This text may be useful for us but it requires more than the first glance, and some corrections.)

New version with the above replacements. (Oct. 21th)

 ah|v|o  Yahvo (?)
 .k|o|d|o|kh|ah|n|t|o|r  I khahntor-ed
 f|eh|m|ah|g|eh|n|t|ee|o|m  on your magehns
 k|o|d|o|k|ah|n|r|ah|d  k|ah|m  l|o|r|ah|g  I kahnrahd-ed kahm lorahg
 k|eh|n|eh|n  b|'|k|eh|n  sh|ih|n  b|' ~ b|ay|kh  He/it is to be shihn to ~ link
 b|'|t|o|t|ee  r|ah|n|ah|l  ts|o  m|ah|r|n ~  to tos rahn-ing of crea-
 t|ah|v|o|m  .d|o|p|r|ah|ch|ih|z|eh|n  tion your. He is prahchihz-ing
 b|'|z|oo  dh|o  m|u|kh|o|n  b|'|t|ay|r|oo|sh  to me dho his mukh to tayrooly
 l|eh|m|ah|r|n|eh|m  m|eh|t  m|ih|sh|o  ts|ah|v  You have created this mihsho I live
 t|eh  .g|ah|th  t|'|dh|o  k|eh|n|eh|n  ~  in .Still in/at/of dho is ~
 dh|o|z|o|n|eh|sh  t|ay|r|oo  t|'|b|ah|sh|t|ee  dhozon(eh)-ly tayroo in/at bahshs
 v|ah|t  ~  kh|ah|g|eh|m  g|ah|th  five ~ you still  khahg
 b|'|t|ay|g|ah|n  kh|eh|z|oo  .p|ah|r|kh  to love for me. I pahrkh
 b|'|sh|eh|m  .k|ah|n  sh|ih|n  b|ah|r|t|ah  to you. .kahn shihn to ahrtah
 t|'|g|eh|s|t|oy  r|ih|l|n|ah|r  b|'|f|ah|s|ee  in art not nahr to 25
 d|o|m|ah|dh|o  t|'|p|ah|r|ah|th|o|m  mahdhoing in your greatness
 g|ah|h|oo|ts|ay|th|o|m .v|o|t|ah|r  and your hootsay-ness . I praise
 ah|'|sh|eh|m  kh|eh|k|ah|m|r|o|v  k|eh|n|eh|m  you he is for kahmperson
 .g|ch|e|v  ah|'|sh|eh|m  kh|eh|k|ah|m  .and I thank you for kahm
 l|'ah|r|t|ah|eh|m g|ah  k|ah|m  b|o|ah|r  you have ahrtahed and kahm you will
 t|ah|eh|m  ahrtah
              .k|eh|n  ch|eh|v|eh|t  oy|n            I am we thank oyn
 m|o|r|'|o|kh|'|m|o|r  k|o|k|eh|n|eh|n  mor'of'mor he/it has been
 r|eh|m|eh|s|f|eh|t  b|'|v|ay|n|u  the mehsfeht to vaynu
 t|'|kh|oy|t|ah|g  z|oo  ts|o|sh|eh|m  in khoygive me of you
 g|'|b|o|r|t|ah|o|m  and your bortah


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