The idea of the Lessons collection

With the help of this page you can learn D'ni like any other foreign language at school.
The site is structured like a line of 7 lessons with increasing difficulty levels.
  lesson 1 First letters and some words.
  lesson 2 Basic grammar and simple sentences.
  lesson 3 More letters and more words.
  lesson 4 Advanced grammar and real sentences.
  lesson 5 Last letters.
  lesson 6  Difficult grammar and sentences.
  lesson 7  Summary

This all is of course not that much. Remember, the Linguists are far from knowing everything...

Note: This version is from Nov. 15th 1998 - UPDATES are marked in orange color.

You will not learn all known words by doing the lessons. They are based only on a minimum of words
that are mainly used in examples. To be up-to-date, check out the word list at


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The Guild Masters, Josef & Simon

November 1998

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