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Lesson Subject: Some more difficult grammar rules.

Some grammar styles that are a bit more difficult, since there is no English equivalent, but they are essential.

The 'word change suffixes'.
You know that the amount of known words up to now is quite limited. Fortunately, some suffixes have been figured out of the texts that can help creating new words. Unfortunately, these suffixes make translations more difficult if you don't know them.

Personal pronouns (incomplete).
Personal pronouns seem to be suffixes. Only one is known: -ot means 'our' (navaot - our master).

These little words are attached as prefixes. Here is a list of some prepositions. This is not 100% certain, the texts could admit different interpretations:
 b'  to
 f ' / feh  on
k   for
 m / meh  from
 n'  around
 t'  various meanings (in, of,...)
 ...  ...
Remember: The "eh" can always be used additionally for a better pronunciation.

The word 'mot'.
It seems to be equivalent to English 'that', e.g. the masters that are writing = rehnavahtee mot dosehleet

After all, you have managed all lessons and can now look at the summary (lesson 7).

The Guild Masters, Josef & Simon

August 1998