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Lesson Subject: Last letters; numbers.

Today you can complete your knowledge about the D'ni alphabet with
the last 5 letters left. Then you will learn the words for numbers, from 1 to 25.


The lower part of o and u is standing alone here.

It is the basic shape for 'a', 'n', etc.

Straight line to the top, as in 'k', for example.

This is something completely different from all other letters.

The weird shape of the 'z' can be formed from 's' and 'ts'.


Congratulations! You have come quite far at this point. With your knowledge you are at least ready to convert all D'ni texts you find into 'normal' letters. But this is also a turning point. The fan community is far from knowing the language really. OK, we have words, we know the letters, we know the grammar, but it is an act of showing respect to Cyan that we do not get our words from other sources than the official ones. Anyway: I assume you know this and want to learn the language though. Here's the next: number words.

 1  fah  14  naigator
 2  bree  15  heebor
 3  sehn  16  heegafah
 4  tor  17  heegabree
 5  vaht  18  heegasehn
 6  vagafah  19  heegator
 7  vagabree  20  rish
 8  vagasehn  21  rigafah
 9  vagator  22  rigabree
10  naivoo  23  rigasehn
11   naigafah  24 rigator 
 12  naigabree  25  fahsee
 13  naigasehn  0  roon

The last grammatical rules will be explained in lesson 6.

The Guild Masters, Josef & Simon

August 1998