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Welcome to all visitors. The only subject of this website is the D'ni language.
As an introduction, I may tell you what my first opinion about the language was. We both played Riven, and, as every
player probably did, we recognized the texts that are written all over the game. It was on the one hand incredible that all this
would really make sense, but on the other hand Cyan won't put it in the game just like a 'decoration'. But we were really surprised
as we found out that this language can actually be translated! It is a real language with grammar rules, letters and all necessary things.
We learnt this from a website, but it seemed to be a miracle where the author got all his information from, until we also found
Cyan's released texts on their site. It is certainly possible to discover D'ni just from these little texts, and it's also necessary
since this is the only 'official' information source. But I personally could not have learned it on my own, without help.
Now we know it, and this page is meant for all beginners who don't know anything yet and want to learn the language
slowly, and correctly, in something like 'units' instead of one disturbing list of rules.
The second purpose the site shall serve is a better communication between the language fans, in the form of a public
word list where (in my dreams) all D'ni linguists send what they have found out. Here is the forum; I hope many people get involved.

1) Riven fans want to learn D'ni, but find it too difficult.
We know, you can learn the D'ni language (or what we already know from it), just from the
stuff Cyan has released. In fact, this is the only source we get our information from. But, since a
great many of fans can't or don't want to find out the knowledge by studying these text pieces,
we give them some help. Discussions have shown that one could be worried giving this away
so easily. In my opinion, people who don't take the more difficult way should also be respected
And this is more than a word list with some rules.We have split the learning process into a
series of 7 lessons. These are available for download as a ZIP file.

2) Riven fans know D'ni and want to be up-to-date if new words are discovered.
It has been a sad experience for me to reach the point where you have found out as much
as possible. But perhaps anyone else has come further? This site shall be a place where all
D'ni 'speakers', having learnt on their own, from this site, or anywhere else, can post their
latest discovered words. We have to stick to that pieces Cyan gives us. But when there is
released something new, how can all interested persons be informed? This can be done
on this page now, as well as newly discovered words, structures or texts.

If you feel interested now, follow the LINK TO THE MAIN MENU or click on the symbol above !
At the main menu is also a link to the notes for this site (please read them before you start flaming!).



IMPORTANT: We still have many visitors, so I won't remove this site. However, it is not updated anymore, so do not expect it to be up to date.
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Shorah !
The Guild Masters, Josef & Simon

November 1998

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